Christa Lopez

Creative Media Manager

Christa is a NYC transplant of seven years by way of Los Angeles, CA. Christa had visited NYC three years prior and fell in love with the beating heart of the city. After nine months of reflection, prayer, and reading about what was going in the churches here — she took a step of faith. Christa sold her belongings, packed her SUV, and drove cross-country to her new home. Along the way, she did one of the things she loves most — document life.

Christa holds a BA in Sociology and an MA in Communications with a specialty in multi-media production. She draws from these two disciplines to connect with people and tell stories. She has been an active member of Redeemer Downtown for the past two years, been involved in community groups, and recently completed the Gotham Fellowship program this past Spring. She loves walking around the city, getting lost with her camera in a new neighborhood, travel, deep and fun conversations, and stops to greet every puppy she meets along the way.