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In the fall of 2020, our Founding Lead Pastor for Redeemer Downtown, Rev. John Lin, stepped down after eight years of faithful service to the Congregation and even longer to Redeemer Presbyterian Church. The Session quickly moved to select an Interim Lead Pastor, Rev. Jeff White, and shortly after the Congregation elected a Pulpit Search Committee to oversee the selection process of a new Senior Pastor.

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“Lord…thy will be done.” —Matthew 6:10

Congregational Pulpit Search Survey

The Pulpit Search Committee (PSC) invites you to journey with us on our mission to find a new senior pastor for Redeemer Downtown. An essential part of the process of our pastoral search is understanding the whole congregation’s perspective on our church vision, identity and priorities. In order to gain a deeper understanding of your perspective as a congregant, as well as understand the qualities you desire to have in your new senior pastor, we are kindly asking you to take the time to participate in a detailed congregational survey. The survey will open on Tuesday February 23 and will close on Monday, March 8 at 11:59 p.m. Please plan for approximately 20 minutes to complete the survey.


Pulpit Search Town Hall

If you are a member or regular attender of Redeemer Downtown, the Pulpit Search Committee invites you to join our upcoming Town Hall on Sunday, March 14 at 8 p.m. As we move forward in our search for a senior pastor, your insight is extremely valuable! During the event, we will provide updates on our process, present the results of the congregational survey and discuss aspirations for our next senior pastor and church in smaller breakout groups. Click on the button below to register.

Town Hall

Pulpit Search Committee

The Pulpit Search Committee (PSC) was nominated by the Redeemer Downtown Congregation and includes a broad representation of our congregation across age, race, marital and vocational status. We are honored to serve in this capacity and we invite you to join us in confirming our church vision and pastoral profile. Throughout this search process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with your feedback, questions and comments at [email protected].

Church and Pastor Profiles

The Church Profile and the Pastor Profile are two documents that describe the past, present and aspirational goals of our congregation. They will be put together by the Pulpit Search Committee and McGowan and Associates and will build off of the cumulative data from our Congregational Survey, Town Hall, Focus Groups, and Interviews by the search consultant. The profiles will also include current information about our demographics and finances as well as pertinent facts about our history and founding vision. These detailed documents will assist the Pulpit Search Committee in determining if a pastoral candidate may be a good fit for Redeemer Downtown, and will allow a potential candidate to get a broad understanding of who we are as a church. Once these documents are complete they will be made available here on the website and in print.


*Current step is shown in red

PHASE 1: Organization

Jeff White selected as Interim Pastor and is not a candidate for lead pastor position.

Redeemer Downtown (RDT) Members nominate potential Pulpit Search Committee (PSC) members.

RDT Members vote to approve PSC members at a virtual congregational meeting on November 1, 2020.

PSC selects its executive officers.

PSC forms ten subcommittees listed below, to manage and implement the search process:

  • Consultant Vetting
  • Candidate Management
  • Church/Pastor Profile
  • Personnel/Onboarding
  • Town Hall
  • Sermon Review
  • Survey
  • Staff/Diaconate Liaise
  • Website
  • Prayer Team


The Consultant Vetting Subcommittee solicits external consultant proposals and makes recommendations to the PSC with regards to hiring an external consultant.

The Website Subcommittee sets up a PSC webpage within the RDT website.

PSC Selects McGowan & Associates as a consultant to help guide the Pastor Search process.

The Survey Subcommittee sends out a survey to RDT Congregation on Church Vision and Pastor Qualities.

PSC has internal training with McGowan & Associates.

  • The Town Hall Subcommittee conducts Vision and Brainstorming sessions with full RDT Congregation, including time for Q&A.
  • The Staff Liaison Subcommittee holds separate meetings with current church staff and pastors.
  • McGowan & Associates hosts Discovery Weekend Focus Groups for Redeemer DT Congregation.
  • Church and Pastor Profile Committee develop preliminary Church and Pastor Profile based on survey results and town hall congregational input.
  • Prayer Subcommittee creates prayer guides for the RDT Congregation throughout the preparation process.
  • McGowan & Associates assembles all Survey, Town Hall and Focus Group data to prepare a comprehensive Church and Pastor Profile.

    PHASE 3: Collection

    • The Candidate Management Subcommittee finishes designing and then implements a collection process for potential candidates.
    • PSC solicits candidates with the support of the Congregation, Pastoral and McGowan & Associates’ recommendations.

    PHASE 4: Evaluation

    • The Sermon Subcommittee provides training to the PSC on sermon review.
    • The Candidate Management Subcommittee implements a candidate evaluation process and manages remote interviews for the PSC members.
      • Pulpit Committee interviews candidate selections, reviews sermons, gifting profiles, references; and conducts remote interviews for candidates.
      • Pulpit Committee narrows down to no more than three finalists.

    PHASE 5: Selection

    • The Prayer Subcommittee asks for specific, church-wide prayer for finalists’ interview.
    • Members of the PSC visit each finalist within their current local church, to listen to them preach, evaluate the feel of their worship service, and interview the candidate, spouse and family.*
    • Background and reference checks are conducted on the final candidate.
    • The PSC votes internally to select the final candidate.
    • The Personnel Subcommittee finalizes the arrangements for a public visit. The finalist makes a weekend visit to interview/meet with RDT staff and lay leaders, deliver the sermon and be introduced to the RDT Congregation.*
    • Follow-up with RDT Congregation for feedback on the finalist.

    *Travel plans to visit candidates and to have candidates visit RDT may be modified due to CoVID and the Search Firm’s recommendations.

    PHASE 6: Completion

    • The PSC distributes final report and recommendation to the RDT Congregation
    • Members vote to call the Recommended Candidate at a Congregational Meeting
    • Presbytery confirms the Called Candidate
    • Presbytery installs the Called Candidate as the new Senior Pastor of Redeemer Downtown Church

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are the guidelines from the PCA for the election of pastors?