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I was able to quickly and easily update my recurring giving on the site. I appreciate how simple and easy it is to understand the process.

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Giving Update


General Fund Giving

1.1.19 to 7.14.19

Giving to 7.14.19:


Goal to 7.14.19:


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In May of 2017, Redeemer officially became three smaller, neighborhood-based churches on the East Side, the West Side and Downtown and as God provides, we plan to add more local worship sites in new neighborhoods. On Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017, the West Side launched Redeemer Lincoln Square. In 2018 Redeemer Downtown launched a new site—meeting on Wednesday nights—Downtown LAB, and in fall 2019 Redeemer East Side plans to launch a new East Harlem worship site. Please consider giving generously to the Redeemer family of churches and ministries so that we can continue to support the growing needs of ministering and serving the gospel movement God is growing in neighborhoods across New York City.

 Q1 Giving and Expenses

Redeemer Downtown's giving goal for 2019 is $3.9MM. With a giving goal of $3.9MM, we would need a total of $325K in monthly giving to reach our giving goal.

Below, take a look at our giving and expenses for Q1. Here is how to understand our graphs:

2019 Giving Comparison (Top Graph) - Shows our monthly giving through 2018, which provides some historical context. For 2019, giving in January and February was significantly under $325K and also under 2018 giving. However, March was significantly above $325K, mainly because of a few large gifts. The giving we received in March made up for both January and February's deficit.

Q1 2019 Giving vs. Expenses (Bottom Graph) - Shows our Q1 2019 expenses totaling $1.04MM with our giving at $1.1MM, so we did not have to dip into our working capital funds. In January and February, our giving (teal line) was significantly under our expenses (orange line), but March's giving made up for the previous two months. The gray box shows our Q1 expenses in different categories. "Office & Sunday Rent" is the rent we pay both for our office space on 46th street and our Sunday worship services at The Salvation Army. "Central Services & Central Ministries" includes HR, Finance, IT, Design, Video, CFW and Redeemer Counseling Services.

What is working capital? Working capital is the cash we have on hand to ensure that we meet payroll and can run our ministries at the low point of our cash cycle. Over the past two years, we have spent down our working capital because of failing to reach our giving goal. If we were to replenish our working capital, we would need $425K in monthly giving starting in May 2019.

Historically, the summer months is a time when our giving starts to trend down. This is due, in large part, to people traveling over the summer and not attending church regularly. This is why we encourage church attendees to set up online recurring giving. Recurring giving is important to us because having regular and consistent giving helps us plan and execute all aspects of our ministry (including Sunday services), and it also helps us to ensure the spiritual practice of giving intentionally and consistently.

So please consider setting up your online recurring giving today —

What does holistic generosity look like?

The first community of Christians in the book of Acts were radically generous with their possessions — because of their newly found boldness and fearlessness that came out of an assurance in Christ’s love. It was the quality of their generous community that demonstrated and proved the reality that the gospel changes lives.

At Redeemer we want to model a community of Christians who live sacrificial lives of generosity across many fronts. From opening our homes to others to forgiving those who hurt us, generosity takes many forms. Of course, this includes sacrificial giving — stewardship of your finances. Paul was talking about money when he wrote, “Remember this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously” (2 Corinthians 9:6).

Nevertheless, as you see, financial giving is not the only kind of generosity we need poured out at Redeemer. In fact, for many of us living and working in this busy city, the giving of time to foster new relationships or to serve in a ministry routinely may even be the more challenging form of generosity. Whatever your sacrifices would be in living a more generous life for God and for others, we invite you to consider a holistic approach that includes being generous through service to ministries, through relationships, through hospitality, through the privileges and power we hold, and lastly, through our wealth.

I need help making a gift

If you need help making a gift online, via check, stock or donor-advised fund please contact Priscilla Dewing at: (917) 206-1427 or [email protected].

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