August 30, 2017

Redeemer Downtown Update

+ Join a Beta Group if you're new to Downtown!

+ The last Preaching Lab of the summer is tomorrow 31.

+ First Intro to Redeemer Downtown session of the fall is 10/1.

Our middle school youth group needs new leaders. Email Andrés if interested in serving.

Join #TeamHFNY by September 1 to bike and raise funds for New Yorkers in need!

+ Two opportunities this fall from CFW to newly consider your day-to-day vocational calling.  

HFNY posted the video from their “Seeing Our Immigrant Neighbors” gathering.

Read the new City to City Snapshot newsletter full of updates from around the world.

+ Attend training on 9/30 at Chinese Christian Herald Crusades to mentor & tutor teens.

+ The Diaconate is starting a Divorce Care Group for women.

+ Are you a man seeking recovery from pornography and sexual addiction?